Asheville Waterfalls

Another on the list of long weekend trips, Stacie and I headed over to Asheville for a weekend to meet some old friends that we hadn’t seen in a while.  They brought along their new (to us) baby.  She was cute enough (for me to violate my “no closeups of people in my landscape photos” rule .

Asheville is beautiful, and a great place to capture some nice photos.  We decided to forego the mountains and spend our outdoor day hiking to some waterfalls, which presented a great opportunity to break out the new ND filter for the first time.

I didn’t come away with a ton of shots that I liked.  A big part of that was that the lens ended up getting some water spots on it that I didn’t notice until post processing.  I think it actually enhanced 5245 below, so it worked there, but a lot of the other shots were ruined.  I also didn’t have a tripod with me, which really limited the compositions I could set up.  There were still a few shots that I ended up being really happy with, though.  Check ‘em out below.

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